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Lithium and precious metal recovery technology

Lithium recovery technology employing dextran-alginate crosslinked composites

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  • 리튬 흡착제를 포함하는 다가 이온-알지네이트 가교 복합체 및 이의 제조방법 (10-2022-0161317)

Key features

  • Hydrogel that mimics the lithium adsorption properties found in seaweed.
  • Selective recovery of lithium utilizing alginate and MOF. Efficient inhibition of Mg2+ adsorption under high-concentration conditions through structural modulation of alginate
  • Selective recovery of lithium using temperature-responsive hydrogels and desorption of adsorbed lithium at temperatures below 50°C
  • Beneficial for lithium separation using membranes

Application field

  • Recovery of lithium from seawater or brine