Research Areas

Nature-inspired skin friction reduction

Bio-inspired Techniques for Drag Reduction

Bio-inspired superhydrophobic (SHPo) surfaces developed for drag reduction

Partition structures of cormorant feather
Partitioned ridge structures inspired by cormorant feather increase stability of pressure gradient
Drag reduction effect of SHPo surfaces
Plastron stability of flexible ridged SHPo surfaces

Slippery marine life-inspired surface (MIS) for drag reduction of marine vehicles

Slippery MIS inspired by the micro-sized mucus-containing spherical cavities of marine lives
High drag reduction rate compared to conventional slippery surfaces such as superhydrophobic surface (SHS) and liquid-infused surface (LIS)
MIS induces boundary slip and turbulence attenuation, reducing skin friction drag
Enhanced sustainability and interfacial slippage of MIS with lubricant-infused spherical cavity
특허 출원번호: 10-2022-0107443

Superslippery long-chain entangled PDMS (LEP) gel with sustainable self-replenishment

Superslippery long-chain entangled PDMS gel with sustainable self-replenishment
The developed LEP gel coating can replenish the low-viscosity lubricant layer, continuously making the surface superslippery.
The LEP gel coating maintains slippery properties even after exposure to a harsh shear flow and perfectly prevents contamination by bacteria and red algae for a long period of time.
Superslippery long-chain entangled PDMS (LEP) gel with sustainable self-replenishment
Micro/nanoscale structures with CNT particles are formed on the LEP gel to maximize the lubricant retention performance.
특허 출원번호: 10-2023-0102732

Lubricant infused oleogel surface for sustainable drag reduction

Fatty acid amide (FAA)-based oleogel based surface
  • FAA-based oleogel forms of a dual lubricant interface consisting of FAA and silicon oil as the solid and liquid lubricants.
  • It shows a sustainable drag reduction performance of 14% at high-speed flow conditions.
Porous carbon nanospheres (PCN) oleogel surface
  • Hierarchiacal re-enterent type surface morphology of PCN-oleogel results in superior lubrication performance.
  • PCN-oleogel offers reliable lubrication performance with enhanced physical and chemical resistance.
PDMS brush enhanced oleogel surface
PDMS brushes offer a liquid-like interface due to their free motion and enhance the slippery properties of oleogel surface.
  • OEPC: optimized erucamide-PDMS composite surface
  • EPC-PB: PDMS brush enhanced EPC surface
  • PB-PB: PDMS brush enhanced PDMS surface

Lifetime enhancement of slippery characteristic of superhydrophobic surfaces

Superhydrophobic surface is fabricated and its lifetime is evaluated under flow conditions
Lenear relationship between Cq and Sh of SHPo surfaces is identified and lifetime can be estimated from this relationship.

Re-entrant shaped AAO-LIS surface for durable slipperiness

Re-entrant shaped nanocavities made of AAO (anodic aluminum oxide)
Nanocavities of AAO of which diameter is about 10 nm works as a lubricant reservoir
The AAO-LIS maintains slippery properties under harsh shear flow conditions
특허 출원번호: 10-2023-0063239