Research Areas

Advanced flow visualization

Advanced Flow Visualization Techniques

Phase-contrast holographic microscopy

Phase-contrast digital holographic microscopy (DHM) based on interferometric technique
3D reconstructed image from holograms
3D phase maps of health and malaria-infected RBCs
Phase-contrast DHM based on interferometric technique for measuring the phase and optical path length information

DHM for particle dynamic analysis

DHM analysis of 3D behaviors of various particles, including spherical, non-spherical particles, and micro-organisms
Configuration of the 180° curved microtube
Cross-sectional views of particle distributions
3D perspectives of the randomly oriented ellipsoid
3D dynamics of P. minimum cells

AI-based DHM (digital holographic microscopy)

Accurate real-time monitoring of high PM (particulate matter) concentration based on holographic speckles and deep learning
Schematics of the smartphone-based DIHM system for PM monitoring
Structure of the deep learning algorithm composing of a deep autoencoder and regression layers
Digital image processing of holographic speckle patterns
Prediction of PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations by using the proposed PM monitoring system
특허출원번호: 10-2021-0141904

Hand-held smartphone-based DHM

Smartphone-based DHM system combined with AI for environmental monitoring and biomedical diagnosis
Extraction of features for particle classification
Classification accuracy for the types of microparticles

X-ray PIV for hemodynamic analysis

X-ray PIV technique for in vivo measurement of hemodynamic information in animal models of cardiovascular diseases
Typical X-ray images of CO2 microbubbles
Instantaneous velocity field superimposed on the corresponding X-ray image of blood flow
Variation of radial velocity profile in the stenosed blood vessel of a live rat

Advanced ultrasound imaging

Complicated blood flow measurement and improvement of measurement accuracy
Deep learning-based ultrasound imaging can achieve accurate, robust and fast analyses of blood flow and vascular dynamics

Artificial intelligence-based advanced flow visualization technique

AI-SFL framework
K-means clustering-based automatic SVD
ResSU-Net for speckle localization
Dimensionality reduction for speckle featurization
Featurize speckle signals using the dimensionality reduction of an autoencoder and the corresponding latent space.
Super-resolution ultrasound imaging
Super resolution performance of the AI-SFL framework
Super-resolution ultrasound imaging
Blood flow in the of human GSV visualized by AI-SFL framework