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363 H.N. Kim, J.H. Kim, S.W. Jeong, B.G. Baik, C.Y.Hong, G.H. Kim, and S.J. Lee, "Fabrication of a scalable slippery surface via novel sprayable breath figure technique for sustainable drag reduction and anti-biofouling in marine environments", Chem 관리자 2024-06-07 18
362 T. Arunkumar, D. Parbat, and Sang Joon Lee "Comprehensive review of advanced desalination technologies for solar-powered all-day, all-weather freshwater harvesting systems", Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol. 199, July 2024, 1 관리자 2024-06-04 18
361 G.D. Park, C.Y. Hong, G.H. Kim, and S.J. Lee "Super-slippery silicone-based gel coating with a regenerative oil layer for long-term prevention of surface contamination", Progress in Organic Coatings, Vol.192, 108531, 2024 July 관리자 2024-06-04 21
360 J. Kim, J.J. Kim, J. Lee, S.J. Lee, "Photothermal-driven flow with water droplets for effective removal of indoor fine particulate matters", Journal of Cleaner Production, 2024 관리자 2024-02-07 114
359 J.Y. Yun, S. J. Lee, "Lubricant-infused anodic aluminum oxide surface (AAO-LIS) for durable slipperiness under harsh conditions", Surf. Coat. Technol., 2024 관리자 2024-02-06 78
358 H. S. Lee, J. H. Park, & S. J. Lee, "Artificial intelligence-based speckle featurization and localization for ultrasound speckle tracking velocimetry", Ultrasonics, 2024 관리자 2024-02-06 70
357 H.W. Lim, H.S. Lee, and S.J. Lee, "Laminated chitosan/graphene nanoplatelets aerogel for 3D interfacial solar desalination with harnessing wind energy", Chem. Eng. J., (2024) 관리자 2024-02-06 85
356 A. Z. Hameed, D. Parbat, S. J. Lee, “Superior shear-stable slippery surface property of porous carbon nanosphere (PCN)-oleogel”, Chem. Eng. J., 2023 관리자 2023-11-17 102
355 T. Arunkumar, Jiaqiang Wang, Sang Joon Lee, Efficient Solar Desalination for Clean Water Production from Different Wastewaters, Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (2023/10). Accepted for Publication. 관리자 2023-10-25 137
354 T. Arunkumar, Y.H. Suh, H.W. Lim, S. Christopher, S.J. Lee, Sustainable solar desalination through interfacial evaporation - integration of chitosan aerogel-impregnated graphene nanoplatelets solar evaporator and phase change material. Des 관리자 2023-10-25 111
353 T. Arunkumar, Higgins M. Wilson, Hyeong Woo Lim, Ali Zain Hameed, Sang Joon Lee, Peanut shell-derived photothermal absorber for solar desalination, Desalination 565 (2023) 116901. 관리자 2023-10-25 99
352 T. Arunkumar, Higgins M. Wilson and S.J. Lee, "Waste are in the limelight: Cost-effective waste materials for sustainable solar desalination", Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, in press, 2023 관리자 2023-07-22 177
351 P. Dibyangana, Wonhee Cho and S.J. Lee, "One-step rapid synthesis of robust Superhydrophobic surfaces through acrylate crosslinking/polymerization ", Progress in Organic Coatings, accepted, 2023 관리자 2023-07-22 136
350 H.N. Kim, S.W. Jeong, B.G. Baik, H.J. Jang, H.E. Jeong and S.J. Lee, "Bioinspired low-friction surface coating with lubricant-infused spherical cavities for sustainable drag reduction", Applied Surface Science, Vol.628, 157365, 2023 Aug 관리자 2023-07-22 208
349 Higgins M. Wilson, Y.H. Suh, H.W. Lim, Raheman A.R, Shakeelur and S.J. Lee, "A low-cost plant transpiration inspired 3D popsicle design for highly efficient solar desalination", Desalination, Vol.563, 116731, 2023 Jun 관리자 2023-07-22 112