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353 T. Arunkumar, Higgins M. Wilson, Hyeong Woo Lim, Ali Zain Hameed, Sang Joon Lee, Peanut shell-derived photothermal absorber for solar desalination To be published in: Desalination (Accpeted for publication) 관리자 2023-08-07 57
352 T. Arunkumar, Higgins M. Wilson and S.J. Lee, "Waste are in the limelight: Cost-effective waste materials for sustainable solar desalination", Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, in press, 2023 관리자 2023-07-22 49
351 P. Dibyangana, Wonhee Cho and S.J. Lee, "One-step rapid synthesis of robust Superhydrophobic surfaces through acrylate crosslinking/polymerization ", Progress in Organic Coatings, accepted, 2023 관리자 2023-07-22 36
350 H.N. Kim, S.W. Jeong, B.G. Baik, H.J. Jang, H.E. Jeong and S.J. Lee, "Bioinspired low-friction surface coating with lubricant-infused spherical cavities for sustainable drag reduction", Applied Surface Science, Vol.628, 157365, 2023 Aug 관리자 2023-07-22 46
349 Higgins M. Wilson, Y.H. Suh, H.W. Lim, Raheman A.R, Shakeelur and S.J. Lee, "A low-cost plant transpiration inspired 3D popsicle design for highly efficient solar desalination", Desalination, Vol.563, 116731, 2023 Jun 관리자 2023-07-22 22
348 Y.D. Kim, J.H. Kim, E.S. Seo and S.J. Lee, "AI-based analysis of 3D position and orientation of red blood cells using a digital in-line holographic microscopy", Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Vol.229, 115232, 2023 Jun  관리자 2023-07-22 27
347 N. Ha and S.J. Lee, "Enhanced fog collection of hydrogel-coated wires inspired by water film-trapping characteristics of Tillandsia", Chemical Engineering Journal, Vol.466, 143185, 2023 Jun 관리자 2023-07-22 24
346 G.D. Park, H.J. Jang and H.E. Jeong, S.J. Lee, "Superslippery long-chain entangled polydimethylsiloxane gel with sustainable self-replenishment", Advanced Engineering Materials, Vol.25(8), 2201530, 2023 April  관리자 2023-07-22 38
345 T. Arunkumar, H.W. Lim and S.J. Lee, "Optimization of bamboo-based photothermal interfacial solar evaporator for enhancing water purification", Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Vol.30, pp.67686-67698, 2023 April  관리자 2023-07-22 40
344 H. Ali Zain and S.J. Lee, "Sustainable drag reduction of fatty acid amide-based oleogel surface under high-speed shear flows", Advanced Materials Interfaces, Vol. 10, 2202057, 2023 Mar 관리자 2023-07-22 22
343 G.Y. Yoon, S.J. Lee, H.S. Kwon and J. Kim, "Effect of flow structures on natural ventilation performance in office model", Journal of Visualization, Vol.26, pp.289-298, 2023 Mar 관리자 2023-07-22 33
342 J. Kim, J.J. Kim, S.H. Park, J.H. Kim and S.J. Lee, "Electric charge effect of micro-droplets generated by electrospray atomization on removal of indoor fine particulate matter", Atmospheric Pollution Research, Vol.14, 101711, 2023 Mar 관리자 2023-07-22 15
341 H.W. Lim, S.H. Park and S.J. Lee, "3D thermos-responsive hydrogel with enhanced water uptake and active evaporation for effective interfacial solar steam generation", Desalination, Vol.550, 116368, 2023 Mar 관리자 2023-07-22 16
340 J.H. Kim, J. Kim, Y.D. Kim, T.S. Go and S.J. Lee, "Accelerated settling velocity of airborne particulate matter on hairy plant leaves", Journal of Environmental Management, Vol.332, 117313 2023 Mar 관리자 2023-07-22 34
339 Higgins M. Wilson, Raheman A.R, Shakeelur, H.W. Lim and S.J. Lee, "Conversion of hazardous diesel soot particles into a novel highly efficient 3D hydrogel for solar desalination and wastewater purification", ACS Omega, Vol.8, pp.2740-2751, 2023 관리자 2023-07-22 25