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311 E.S. Seo, J.W. Park, J.E. Gil, H.J. Lim, D.H. Lee and S.J. Lee, "Multifunctional biopolymer coatings inspired by loach skin", Progress in Organic Coatings, Vol.158, 106383, 2021 July 관리자 2023-07-22 27
310 J.Y. Park, JE Ryu, S.H. Park, S.J. Lee, "Air spread through a wetted deformable membrane: Implications for the mechanism of soft valves in plants", Physical Review E., Vol.103(6), 062407, 2021 Jun 관리자 2023-07-22 35
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300 J.H. Kang, D.H. Kim, Y.J. Lee, W.R. Choi, S.J. Lee, D.H. Yang and H. Ha, "Fluid dynamic effect of pannus formation around the prosthetic heart valve: in vitro demonstration using a heart-mimic pulsatile pump and particle image velocimetry", J. o 관리자 2023-07-22 30
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