Study on the deformation of endothelial cells using a bio-inspired in vitro disease model




2015.05.18 22:03

Based on the observation that abnormal endothelial cells(blue arrows) and denatured collagen fibers(red arrows) in blood vessels of a normal zebrafish fed with high cholesterol diet were indicated, a bio-inspired in vitro model was established to investigate the basic biophysics of atherosclerotic disease. Endothelial cells on the collagenase-treated collagen films were non-homogeneously aggregated into cell clusters compared to control group(endothelial cells on the collagen film) depending on time. In addition, the various focal adhesion proteins and biomarkers of endothelial dysfunction are highly activated on the surface of endothelial cells on the denatured collagen film. The structural and chemical properties of extracellular matrix are closely linked with endothelial dysfunction.

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