Biophysiochemical properties of endothelial cells cultured on bio-inspired collagen films




2015.05.18 22:02

Endothelial cells cultured on the denatured-collagen films have different biophysiochemical properties compared to those cultured on the normal films. Specifically, surface of HUVECs on the denatured-collagen films was highly disorganized with the formation of clusters and rough surface. Degree of expression of MMP-1, and MMP-2, which regulate the extracellular matrix degradation, was also examined and was highly activated in collagenase-treated endothelial cells but intensity of MMP-2 cannot be discriminated. E-selectin, VCAM, and CD146 were used as biomarkers of endothelial cells injury and VE-cadherin was used to indicate positional information of endothelial cells with increase in the endothelial cells on denatured collagen films. The number of accumulated fluorescent beads increased on the disorganized HUVEC layers.

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