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Wettability and impact dynamics of water droplets on rice leaves




2014.06.21 16:57

The leaves of certain plants, such as lotus and rice, contain superhydrophobic surfaces. These plants have been widely studied because of their unique water repellent and self-cleaning characteristics. Such unique features, known as the lotus effect, are mainly attributed to micro- and nano-scale surface structures, as well as the chemical composition of wax on the surface. We investigated the wettability and impact dynamics of water droplets on rice leaves at various leaf inclination angles and orientations. Contact angle, contact angle hysteresis, and roll-off angle of water droplets were measured quantitatively. Results showed that droplet motion exhibited less resistance along the longitudinal direction. Impact dynamic parameters, such as impact behaviors, maximum spreading factor, contact distance, and contact time were also investigated.


SEM image of a rice leaf surface.


Drop imact sequences on the rice leaves with an inclination angle of 0°.


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