Research Areas > Circulatory Vascular Flows and Biomedical Imaging

RBC classification using digital holographic microscopy and machine learning algorithms




2018.01.02 16:53

  Cell types of erythrocytes should be identified because they are closely related to their functionality and viability. In this study, we proposed a new label-free sensor for automatic identification of erythrocyte cell types using a digital in-line holographic microscopy (DIHM) combined with machine learning algorithms. A total of 12 features is quantitatively obtained from numerically reconstructed holographic images. With the aid of these machine learning algorithms, the extracted features are effectively utilized to distinguish erythrocytes. Among the four tested algorithms, the decision tree model exhibits the best identification performance for the training sets (n = 440, 98.18%) and test sets (n = 190, 97.37%). This proposed methodology, which smartly combined DIHM and machine learning, would be helpful for sensing abnormal erythrocytes and computer-aided diagnosis of hematological diseases in clinic.

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