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Development of digital stereo-holographic microscopy for particle dyna...

Post Image  Digital stereo-holographic microscopy (DsHM) utilizes two holograms from different views. It can reconstruct rough shape of sample in 3D space without depth-of-focus problem. This technique will be useful for analyzing 3D dynamics of parti...   내용 보기

Precise 3D orientation measurement of ellipsoidal particles

Post Image  Light scattering pattern from ellipsoidal particle is reconstructed using digital holographic microscopy. 3D orientation of ellipsoidal particle, which is essential for 3D dynamics analysis, can be measured.   내용 보기

Superhydrophobic Surfaces Fabricated by Plasma Treatment

Post Image  Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces is an area of great interest because it can be applicable to various engineering fields. A simple, safe and inexpensive fabrication process is required to fabricate applicable superhydrophobic surface...   내용 보기

Anti-rebound of polymer drops

Post Image Small addition of polymers can greatly affect the dynamics of the impacting droplet. One representative effect is that the rebound of droplets are suppressed. There were several theories to explain this phenomena, and it was found to be the polyme...   내용 보기

Three-dimensional digital microfluidic manipulation

Post Image We develop a three-dimensional digital microfluidic (3D DMF) platform with patterned electrodes submerged in an oil medium to provide fundamental solutions to the technical limitations of 2D DMF platforms and water–air systems. 3D droplet manipul...   내용 보기

Application of digital holographic microscopy

Post Image Digital holographic microscopy (DHM) is applied to track 3D positions of ellipsoidal particles. Reconstructed images of ellipsoidal particles gives information on the unique light scattering pattern. By calculating the focal length created by len...   내용 보기

Wettability and impact dynamics of water droplets on rice leaves

Post Image The leaves of certain plants, such as lotus and rice, contain superhydrophobic surfaces. These plants have been widely studied because of their unique water repellent and self-cleaning characteristics. Such unique features, known as the lotus effect,...   내용 보기

Phase-contrast holography microscopy

Post Image     A digital holo-graphic micro-scopy (DHM) based on inter-ferometric technique was developed to measure the phase and optical path length distribution.   내용 보기

3D measurement of red blood cells motion using digital holographic PTV...

Post Image Comprehensive studies on blood flow circulation have been carried out due to increased circulatory vascular diseases. However, experimental analysis of dynamic behavior of blood cells in capillary vessels, especially 3D motion, is still not easy ...   내용 보기

In-situ quantitative visualization of water distribution in a fuel cel...

Post Image Due to energy crisis, renewable energies such as fuel cell technology are receiving large attention. In particular, PEFC (polymer electrolyte fuel cell) is well-suited for transport vehicles. For a PEFC, pertinent water management (supply and...   내용 보기