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Water filtration of saline water at the outermost layer of mangrove roots

Post Image  The scarcity of fresh water is a global challenge faced at present. Several desalination methods have been suggested to secure fresh water from sea water. However, conventional methods suffer from technical limitations, such as high power consumption, expensive operating costs, and limited system durability. In this study, we examined the feasibility of using halophytes as a novel technology of desalinating high-concentration saline water for long periods. As a result, we found that the root possesses a hierarchical, triple layered pore structure in the epidermis, and most Na+ ...   내용 보기

Desalination membrane bioinspired by mangrove roots

Post Image  The shortage of available fresh water is one of the global issues presently faced by humanity. To determine a solution to this problem, the survival strategies of plants have been examined. In this study, a nature-inspired membrane with a highly charged surface is proposed as an effective membrane for the filtration of saline water. To mimic the desalination characteristics of mangrove roots, a macroporous membrane based on polyethylene terephthalate is treated with polyelectrolytes using a layer-by-layer deposition method. As a result, most co-ions are repelled from the membran...   내용 보기

Hydraulic strategy of cactus trichome under arid environment

Post Image  Being an essential component in various metabolic activities, water is important for the survival of plants and animals. Cacti grown in arid areas have developed intrinsic water management systems, such as water collection through spines, water absorption through trichome, and water storage using mucilage. This study analyzed the morphology and wettability of cactus trichomes by using advanced bio-imaging techniques and by performing experiments on an artificial system mimicking these structures, respectively. In addition, the in situ water absorption process through the trichom...   내용 보기