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Water filtration of saline water at the outermost layer of mangrove ro...

Post Image  The scarcity of fresh water is a global challenge faced at present. Several desalination methods have been suggested to secure fresh water from sea water. However, conventional methods suffer from technical limitations, such as high power c...   내용 보기

Desalination membrane bioinspired by mangrove roots

Post Image  The shortage of available fresh water is one of the global issues presently faced by humanity. To determine a solution to this problem, the survival strategies of plants have been examined. In this study, a nature-inspired membrane with a hi...   내용 보기

Hydraulic strategy of cactus trichome under arid environment

Post Image  Being an essential component in various metabolic activities, water is important for the survival of plants and animals. Cacti grown in arid areas have developed intrinsic water management systems, such as water collection through spines, w...   내용 보기

Uptake of liquid from wet surfaces by the hairy proboscis

Post Image The tip region of the butterfly Asian comma proboscis was observed, especially two microstructures; the intake slits through which liquid passes into the proboscis and the brush-like sensilla styloconica. During liquid feeding, the sensilla sty...   내용 보기

Liquid-feeding strategy of a butterfly

Post Image  A butterfly drinks liquid food through a long coiled proboscis with a pressure gradient induced by a cibarial pump. However, the long and coiled proboscis make it difficult to position the proboscis tip at the liquid target. In addition, the...   내용 보기

Active ion-mediated sap flow regulation in plants

Post Image The ion-responsiveness of water transport was investigated to understand the mechanism of active water flow regulation in plants. Different ion types significantly affected water transport in xylem conduits. Sap flow rate decreased with an increas...   내용 보기

Two-photon imaging of intracellular chloroplast movements

Post Image \\Intracellular 3D movements of chloroplasts in intact plant leaves were monitored during dark to light transitions by a TPM system. All chloroplasts did not exhibit the same motion in response to irradiation variation. Spatial heterogeneity in ch...   내용 보기

Real-time imaging of pulvinus bending in Mimosa pudica

Post Image Structural characteristics and seismonastic reactions of M. pudica were experimentally investigated using advanced bio-imaging techniques. The results show that the key factors for the flexible movements by the pulvinus are the following: bendable...   내용 보기

Gold nanoparticles as tracer of plants’ sap flow

Post Image In order to use gold nanoparticle(AuNP) with synchrotron X-ray imaging as a tool for visualize hydraulics in xylem vessel, interaction with the vascular network is verified. Effects of AuNP supply on the water refilling function of  monocot ...   내용 보기

Journey of water in pine cones

Post Image Pine cones have structural advantages that could influence the efficient motion of pine cones. Raindrops fall along the outer scales to the three layers (bract scales, fibers and innermost lignified structure) of inner pine cones. However, not all...   내용 보기